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04/08/12Practice Session Yields High Expectations for Budzo Racing

Budzo Racing at 141 Speedway 4/7/12

On Saturday afternoon, we finally had the car ready to hit an area track. We decided to take advantage of 141 Speedway’s open practice session, making sure all the nuts and bolts were fastened and to see how the car handled with our changes in the offseason.

We took to the track on three separate occasions, with the first session being on ideal heat race track conditions. We were very satisfied with the results, flying around the 1/3 mile dirt oval with good traction and great handling.

By the time of our second session, the track had some slick areas beginning to show on the surface, but still we were happy with the car’s handling and grip.

Our third and final session saw a track that had just about dried up, where throttle control was key and traction was at a premium. Not having raced on the track since 2010, we feel pretty confident heading into the season opener next Saturday night.

Our HOTSHOTS racing cards are in and will be available in the pits after the races. We may be ordering t-shirts this season again, so watch for an update on those in the near future.

Racing will get underway at 141 Speedway on Saturday at 6pm, and we hope there’s a big crowd on hand to see some of the best drivers in the nation hit the track. Remember to check back here at budzoracing.com for updates during the 2012 season, and don’t forget to find us on Facebook at facebook.com/budzoracing, on YouTube at youtube.com/budzoracing and on Twitter at twitter.com/budzoracing.