Budzo Racing

07/18/10July 9th & 16th Results

On July 9th, we raced Luxemburg Speedway. I got ate up quickly in my heat, but the car handled well and I finished 7th of 10. In the semi-feature I got the car working real well on the top of the track, going from my 8th starting spot up to a battle for 5th. I tried to go low to make the pass for the last transfer spot, but hit a dry spot in the track and spun around.

On the 16th, we were the 1st heat race, and the car handled poorly in the mud. I had no traction in the right rear and slid through the corners. In the semi-feature I started 5th, and never got into any rhythm with all the cautions we had. With a wreck finishing the race, I was scored 4th. Only the top 2 made the feature.