Budzo Racing

04/08/13Final Preparations for the 2013 Racing Season Underway for Budzo Racing

The offseason is quickly winding down for all northeast Wisconsin drivers, but the weather has failed to cooperate long enough for area tracks to prep for their 2013 openers.

Spring “thaw” openers scheduled for the first few weeks of April have either been cancelled or rescheduled due to temperatures lingering in the 30 degree range. Luxemburg Speedway’s practice sessions remain in doubt, while Shawano Speedway has already cancelled their season opener scheduled for April 20.

For Budzo Racing, that means there may be some unknowns to be concerned about when Luxemburg Speedway opens up in May.

“With a new car, and some changes to the rules in our division, it would definitely be nice to get some practice time,” said Chris Budzban. “I’m in no hurry to spend more money at the parts stores, so hopefully the weather turns around soon so our area tracks aren’t ripping suspension parts off our cars.”

In the meantime, Budzban will be showing off his ride at Stodola’s IGA in Luxemburg, and University Avenue Market in Green Bay on Saturday, April 13.

“We planned on having the car by our sponsor, University Avenue Market, on the 13th for about a month now,” said Budzban. “The timeframe of Stodola’s car show allows us to have the car at both locations that day.”

Budzban’s car will be on display at Stodola’s IGA from 9am to 11am. It will then be on display at University Avenue Market from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

“Once we’re done showing the car off, we will begin scaling the car and have it race ready by the following weekend,” said Budzban. “Then we’ll just have to see if Luxemburg, Sturgeon Bay or 141 can get a practice session for the drivers. We won’t be racing until the first week of May at the earliest.”

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