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06/18/13Budzo Racing Captures Elusive Feature Win at Luxemburg Speedway

Budzo Racing Captures Elusive Feature Win at Luxemburg Speedway

Chris Budzban and Jeremy Cota

Photos courtesy of Dan Lewis Photography – www.danlewisphoto.net

This past weekend, there was only one night of racing on the schedule for our team, but it turned out to be a very special night.

The forecast for Friday night at Luxemburg Speedway was beautiful, and we had a total of 21 IMCA northern sportmods check in to do battle. My 5th place finish last week set me up with a 3rd row starting spot, getting switched to the inside after a driver elected to start at the tail of the field.

I worked my way up from 5th to 3rd in the early going, and then surrendered the position to Josh Long about midway through the race. It was around that time I could feel my steering wheel coming loose off the column, and I did my best to keep pressure on the wheel while maintaining a 4th place finish behind Race Van Pay.

For the feature, I was set up on the inside of the second row alongside Greg Potts. On our first attempt at a start, I went to the outside behind Potts to make my move to the front of the pack. A caution flag flew, and a complete restart would be in order. This time, I jumped to the inside of Van Pay on the opening lap, and took the lead by the exit of turn 4.

Several cautions marred our race, as we were up against the time limit with 15 laps still remaining in our feature. However, we were able to go the final 15 without another yellow, and I was able to pull away from the rest of the field running the bottom groove around the racetrack. Lapped traffic did a great job of staying high and I cruised to my first feature win at my hometown track.

We decided to take Saturday night off with the threat of rain looming, and it turns out we made the correct decision as Thunderhill Raceway was unable to race their features following a blast of rain.

Thanks again to our sponsors and all of our supporters yet again for helping us get to victory lane for a 2nd time this season. We will try our best to put the car back in victory lane yet again this season.

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