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06/11/12Battered and Beaten at Luxemburg Speedway for Budzo Racing


It was not a very pleasant weekend of racing for us. We made only 1 stop at a racetrack this past weekend, which was at our hometown track of Luxemburg Speedway.

I would start on the outside of row 2 for the heat race, and on the opening lap cars were searching for traction on a slightly soupy surface. Coming into turn 3 on the 2nd lap, contact was made between a pair of cars in front of me, leaving me nowhere to escape. I made contact with Mark Joski and then had the left front of my car run over as the rest of the field tried to avoid the wreck.

We had to scramble to get the car ready for the semi-feature, not having enough time to make any setup changes with the amount of repairs needed. I started on the outside pole, and tried to hold my own on the outside while my traction fade with each lap. I ended up hanging on to 5th, which was the final transfer position.

Starting dead last in the feature, I just wanted to stay out of trouble and hopefully make my way towards the top 10. That plan didn’t pan out, as I had my front end bashed in twice before we even had 3 laps in. I ended up having a decent run going, but about midway through the race my brakes had failed. It happened at the wrong time for me, as in the next corner I was unable to avoid an incident involving Ryan LeMieux and Jesse Kroll. I made contact with Kroll’s bumper on my RR tire, sending the back of my car into the air. After that incident, I took my car into the pits and ended our night.

This week we have a lot to repair on the car, as most of the suspension in the left front was damaged or destroyed. The bars in front of the car’s frame were all bent and mangled, so we’ll be doing a little fabrication as well. We also discovered our radiator is junk too, so a new one is on the way this week.

We’ll be back out on Friday night at Luxemburg Speedway, and the rest of the schedule for the weekend will be determined after that.

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