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07/03/128th Place Finish Caps Off Tripleheader Weekend for Budzo Racing


This past weekend was the busiest weekend of the season for our race team, as we hit the track on Friday night at Luxemburg Speedway, Saturday night at Thunderhill Raceway and Sunday night at Seymour Speedway.

On Friday night, I started 2nd in the heat race and remained there behind Jake Maurer for the first few laps. A caution flag flew, and after attempting to get by for the lead on the outside, I tucked back to the inside after being shuffled back to 4th place. That would be where I would finish, setting me up on the outside pole for the night’s feature.

Early on in the feature, things looked to be going very well as I opened up about a 4 car length lead on the field. It didn’t last too long, however, as the outside line started to diminish in traction along with my tires. I knew I was in trouble about midway through the race, as I no longer had any sidebite in the corners. After a slew of caution flags, I fell back all the way to a 14th place finish.

On Saturday at Thunderhill, the hot and humid weather did no favors for the track crew, as dry spots were starting to uncover early during the heat races. I started 4th in my heat race and ended up finishing in that same position at the checkers.

In the feature, I started 8th and worked my way up a few spots on the outside of the track. A caution flag flew, putting me on the inside lane for the restart, which proved to be the slower line. I had nowhere to go with cars passing to my outside and Bernie Reinhardt ahead of me, so I fell back to 10th very quickly.  Late in the race, Josh Long and Brad Lautenbach got by, and in the end I finished in 12th place.

On Sunday night at Seymour, I would start 4th in the heat race and run most of the race in that position. As I tried to make a pass for 3rd, I pushed up high and that allowed Josh Long & Eric Mahlik to get by, ending up with a 6th place finish.

I was supposed to start 11th for the feature, but Jeremy Cota had to turn to a backup car, so that slid me up a row to start 9th. Not much passing occurred throughout the race, as my only move was getting by Todd Wiese to get to the 8th spot. After that, there wasn’t much action the rest of the race, as I took home an 8th place finish.

The weekend of racing could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse. Escaping 3 nights of racing with minimal damage to the car is always good news. Hopefully next week we’ll have our feature setup dialed in to improve our finishes the rest of the season.

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