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05/01/1217th Place Finish at Seymour Speedway

4/29/12 - Seymour Speedway

On Friday night, we stopped at Luxemburg Speedway for their practice session. All the drivers and crews were getting acclimated to the new pit area, which is now located in turns 1 & 2 instead of 3 & 4. Overall, the car felt very good, which was a positive sign after all the work put in to repair the car from racing at 141 Speedway last Saturday.

I only went out for one session, feeling confident enough that the car would be alright for Saturday night at 141. However, cold and damp weather cancelled the scheduled races so we decided to make the tow to Seymour Speedway on Sunday evening.

We expected a higher car count than their opening night of 18 cars, and there ended up being 28 cars signed in to hit the track. We were the very first heat race to hit the track, and I would start in last place (10th). The car handled great, as I made my way up to 7th about midway through the race. I battled for 6th on the final lap, but fell just inches shy of securing that spot at the checkers.

That finish would set me up with a 4th place starting spot in the semi-feature, where the top 5 would transfer to the feature event. Early on the car felt good, as multiple cautions flew restarting the race. I didn’t quite have as much traction as I would have liked, but was able to hang on to 5th place at the end.

Starting 20th on the grid for the feature, we made an adjustment to the car we hadn’t tried before, and it seemed to work alright. I didn’t advance many positions in the feature, coming home with a 17th place finish on the night.

This coming weekend we plan on racing at Luxemburg Speedway on Friday night for their season opener, and then heading back to 141 Speedway on Saturday night.

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