Budzo Racing

05/13/1312th Place Finish at 141 Speedway for Budzo Racing


(Photo by Bill Schmidt of WI Dirt Racin – www.widirtracin.com)

With Luxemburg Speedway raining out on Friday night, we were hoping to get our 2013 racing season underway at Thunderhill Raceway on Saturday night for their season opener. Unfortunately, a mix of rain and snow early in the day forced track officials at Thunderhill to postpone their opener until next Saturday.

The storm system stayed north enough of 141 Speedway to allow them to get their 3rd consecutive week of racing in. We decided around 2pm to load up and head to 141 to shake down the car.

Without a point average, I was forced to start 8th in the heat race where the top 5 would transfer into the night’s feature event. Being the first heat race of the night provided a little bit of a mucky surface to run on, as things got off to a bit of a slow start. After a caution flag flew for Jeremy Hebel, I was able to maneuver around Hunter Parsons and Brandon Tegen and pull away for a 4th place finish.

For the feature, I would start 12th on the grid and had to avoid an early mishap as a few cars got tangled together on the 2nd lap. I worked my way up to the 9th spot after a couple more cautions, but realized too late that the middle lane of the track was the fast way around the track.

I was not able to maintain enough speed off the bottom of the racetrack to make a pass in turns 3 and 4, and fell back to battle Brian Reif and Ryan LeMieux for the 10th spot. I had a few good runs late in the race to fight for the 11th spot, but in the end settled for a 12th place finish.

All in all it was a very good night for us, as we escaped without any damage to the car and now we’re confident that everything will be good to go for opening night this coming Friday at Luxemburg Speedway. We also plan on going to Thunderhill Raceway on Saturday night, assuming the weather cooperates.

Our HOTSHOTS racing cards will be delivered to us on Friday night at the track, so be sure to come visit us in the pits to pick up our new 2013 cards!

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